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I don't say it quickly, and I don't like it because it creates expectations - but I have the feeling that we are working on a fantastic new Kayak album. Overconfident? Dangerous? Perhaps. The people who know me know that I will not blow high from the tower any time soon. I don't do that now- I just have a very good feeling about it and because I hope that the new CD will finally get some attention again, I won't leave anything to let the outside world know.

And to be honest: it was sometimes necessary. It will not surprise anyone when I say that the Cleopatra period was not the happiest in Kayak's history. One, I still think, is a wonderful project that ended prematurely for various reasons. For two and a half years we have worked our way out and when you see what finally came of it- no, you put that back on the ground. In fact, I have seldom doubted if I wanted to continue with Kayak as immediately after the last tour. And that says something for someone who has difficulty finding the word 'give up' in his dictionary.

Why is there now a new album? I'll try to explain. If I had indeed quit the band, it would still be an unworthy end to Kayak and everything that name once stood for - and musically still stands. That it once ends, yes of course, even the Rolling Stones have to believe it. And no, a number-1 album like in 1979, and a big single-hit like Ruthless Queen, may not happen again. It is not necessary, although I wouldn't think it was very bad (I still hear Pim say: that's the biggest understatement ever since Noah said: "it looks like rain!"…). But that's not what I do it all for. And never did, by the way.

Once I decided that Kayak would not end like this, so there was at least one more album to be released, the creative tap opened again as usual. The tracks seemed to be secretly lurking, but were just looking for an excuse to come out. Before I knew it (well) there was over an hour of new material, and I had to delete it again.

But just for the record: I'm not doing it alone, huh. Fortunately, I have a thinking, participating woman who kept believing in it when I let her know that I wanted to go on with Kayak anyway - although she was just like it after the previous project, which she too had devoted herself to. if I. Irene looked a bit surprised, because the K-word had not fallen in the Scherpenzeel house for months.

That decision meant not only the necessary writing work, but also the making of choices. Draw a thick line under the past, no matter how difficult that can sometimes be. Others had also made that choice, put that line too, so why not me. That included: new musicians, and a new booking office (annex management). Rob Palmen of Glassville Music, whom I met on a tour with Camel in 2015) will take on that task and commit to booking and organizing new concerts.

Many questions come to me. Who will participate? Will it be a concept album again?

Regarding the latter: no, it will not be a concept album. I notice how light some people think about this. They really have no idea what making something like this, in our way, means. Which (admittedly fun, but time and energy consuming and mainly unpaid) work is attached to it. Dear people, we are still working on 'Cleopatra', so no, not just now. But it will be an extremely varied 'normal' album with a number of long peaks of, yes, an average of ten minutes, and we do not exactly go overnight.

About that new band, who will all participate and how, another time. For now we will record a new album in peace and full concentration. In short: the boat sometimes capsizes, but refuses to sink stiffly. You are not yet rid of Kayak.

Nee, dit is niet het hoesontwerp

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