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2023 - 2024. 


Besides touring with Dutch comedian-singer Youp van 't Hek (world famous in The Netherlands) from the end of August until May 2024, I am currenty working on three albums/projects.

The first to be released is called Virgin Grounds, an enhanced re-issue of the instrumental album (full electronic) that was released in 1991 under my alias Orion. Several tracks have been rearranged, and two new tracks will be added. Remastered and with new artwork, the CD will be going into pre-sale mid August, with a limited numbered and signed edition, to be released in October by OOB Records. Before all that a single called 'Departure' is planned for release on July 21st.

The second project is a collection of the best underscores and extra music I wrote for Youp Van 't Hek since 1985. Some tracks will be the original recordings as were used during the live shows, the rest will be re-recorded and re-arranged, played by (of course) myself and my colleagues at his tours: multi-instrumentalists Rens van der Zalm and Ton Snijders. Working title is Achter de Schermen (Behind The Screens). Contrary to Virgin Grounds these instrumental tracks will mainly feature 'real' acoustic instruments. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of this year, to be released somewhere in 2024, coinciding with the last shows of Van 't Heks Farewell Tour.

The third (and least developed) project is a new album with both songs and instrumentals in the vein of 'Heart of the Universe' (1984). Musically I expect it to be a mixture of that album and my latest solo albums 'The Lion's Dream' and 'Velvet Armour'. Not sure who's going to be the vocalist(s) yet. There's not even a working title yet, let alone a release date.


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