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June 2018 (previously / also published as a column in iO Pages)

I like to write this blog / column. However, the topics for it aren't always up for grabs - either I don't think it's of interest to the iO Pages audience, or I just don't know enough about it, or I don't have an opinion about it. So editor Freek Wolff occasionally helps me with ideas. Something about The Voice? Hm, no, I don't follow. About Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis? Hm, yawn. Keyboardists? Hm, about colleagues? Tribute bands? Hm, already done. Your favorite 10 albums then? At the moment there is such a passing thread on Facebook, but it has been spared me so far - so this seemed like a great opportunity to bother the reader with it. Let me stick to some albums that were important to me in my musical life. In random order:

The Mothers Of Invention- Absolutely Free. One of the first albums I bought, and I found Frank's ideas particularly inspiring and exciting at the time. A single had already preceded it, Who Are The Brain Police, fantastic. When Frank went some sort of jazz-rock side he lost me, and although I admire his craftsmanship, after We're Only In It For the Money I couldn't care less. His guitar playing, undoubtedly very handsome, even irritates me.

The Beatles- Revolver. My favorite Beatles album. Less artificial than Sgt. Peppers, sublime songs by a band that still sounded like a band.

Chess- The Musical. Determined for my approach to our own rock operas. Bjorn and Benny are particularly passionate about this as composers, and Tim Rice's lyrics are also brilliant. Not all vocalists are happily chosen, I think, but Murray Head in 'Pity The Child' especially cuts me through the soul. I was one of the lucky ones to experience the first concert performance in the Concertgebouw (with B & B).

The Beach Boys- Smiley Smile. Although in hindsight I thought 'Pet Sounds' was even better, a memorable and special record (I thought the Brian Wilson reprise of later date was quite unnecessary) with that inimitable singing with my favorite vocalist ever: Carl Wilson. Heroes and Villains, slightly underestimated masterpiece.

Avril Lavigne- Let Go. Cursing in the prog church? Could be. I thought it was a great record, which has pushed the limits of my car radio speakers. Fantastically produced, catchy songs.

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Judee Sill- Heart Food. For me this has become the record that I enjoy the most. The Kiss, The Donor, Jesus Was a Crossmaker - all heartbreakingly beautiful with that voiced sentimental voice of tragic Judee, conjuring up the most unlikely, enviable melodies with an misunderstood religious desire.

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Sarah McLachan- Afterglow. In the distance, her voice with the somewhat contemplative, melancholic appearance is comparable to that of Judee, but her repertoire appeals to a much larger audience and therefore also goes a little less deep. Still a record that touches me because of the stylized gloom.

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Jimi Hendrix Experience- Are You Experienced. Very crazy, but I've always had more with guitarists than with keyboardists. And of those guitarists Jimi Hendrix was the absolute top for me. Bold, unique. How he could complete the entire sound spectrum with that trio was incredible to me (drummer Mitch Mitchell is also one of my favorites). In my first real band with which we mainly played Cream and Hendrix material, I was bass player. Mainly to be able to play Hey Joe, with that legendary Noel Redding bass loop. All three dead.

Yes- The Yes Album. Hehe, finally a prog record, I hear sighing. Right. Has been of great importance for the early days of Kayak. After 'Tales of Topographic Ocean' I personally dropped out, but the single 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' still appealed to me. What they have made in the last 30 years, really no idea.

Spirit- 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus. At that time turned gray. I couldn't get enough of 'Nature's Way' in particular. Now there is not much left for me, but that is more due to my changing taste than the quality of this album, I think.

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