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May 2020


When we took our first awkward steps in the Dutch pop scene with Kayak in 1973, another group had been successful for a few years. Earth and Fire, because that was the name of the band, what was then called a typical 'album group'. They nevertheless managed to score huge hits with the regularity of the clock. We looked at it with healthy envy, because although the predicate album group was also considered to apply to us, Kayak was missing - to increasing concern of the record company - the real hits. I personally have never understood why you contract an album group and then look up if there are no top 10 hits, but soit. Sometimes a single got lost somewhere in the top-20 somewhere, but we had to wait until 1979 for 'Ruthless Queen' to really hit the spot.


Besides an adept composer duo (the twins Chris and Gerard Koerts), Earth and Fire also had another, not insignificant, asset. That was singer Jerney Kaagman. It was not only her vocal qualities, which fit like a glove beautifully around the songs of Chris and Gerard. But visually we were perhaps slightly less ehm...favored with Max Werner.



foto huisman.jpeg
foto huisman.jpeg

foto Rudi Huisman

Schermafbeelding 2021-01-26 om 11.50.45.

If This Is Your Welcome, chorus

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